Prevent your Tesla from unplugs

The Charging Lock for your Tesla secures the J1772 Plug adapter so it cannot be removed!

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Why you NEED a charger lock for your Tesla

One of the scenarios you surely deal with now that you are a Tesla car owner and people are unplugging your car while it is charging. Why? The J1772 Adapter from Tesla does not lock to the plug of chargepoint, blink or other public network chargers. 

Charging on public networks can take hours, we endure it patiently knowing it is all for a fully charged car on the way home. But imagine this: leaving your car for HOURS only to find the charging cable UNPLUGGED?! 
Those precious hours of your day wasted on waiting for a charge while you sit in the Tesla hopefully on V10 and watching netflix or hulu.

Prevent a low/dead battery!

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Your car will get unlplugged - However, we hope not

The Tesla Charger Lock is a Tesla car owners best defense from unplugs.  This is probably not the first time you hear that story or have seen the countless videos. When an unplugger approaches your Tesla, they'll see the high visibility of the red or yellow Tesla Charger Lock
During those moments, our Tesla Charger Lock will be your hero, keeping them from yanking the cord out. Best feature about the Tesla Charger Lock is that you will have a lifetime warranty if it breaks or they break it we replace it!

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • If it breaks, if they break it, we replace it!

Lifetime Warranty

If it breaks, if they break it, we replace it! Learn More